Process, Production, Operations, Project Management

Ref nr: 1238306788

Completed a BTech Mechanical Engineering in 2003, experience in engineering nearly 20 years, includes quality engineering support in the automotive industry, manufacturing including paint and coatings.

Remuneration cost to company per year: would like from R 500,000 (current remuneration varies, partner in a company)

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Ref nr: 1614272585

A jobseeker with BEng Chemical and Process Engineering completed in 2018, has experience in the automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry in process engineering and R&D engineering. Has successfully completed various projects.

Remuneration cost to company per year: R 300,000

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Ref nr: 1415198821

The jobseeker obtained a BEng Chemical Engineering in 2017 with an impressive academic record, he also completed various courses including business improvement, environmental management, occupational health and safety, reliability engineering, condition monitoring, and he is an ECSA registered Candidate Engineer, member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. He is Engineer in Training since 2018 and is looking to further and expand his career.

Remuneration cost to company per year: R 360,000

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Ref nr: 3453249352

The candidate graduated with a BEng Metallurgical (extractive and physical) Engineering in 2016, his experience includes about 2 years the Mining & Metals industry in Process Control & Improvement, Logistics and Project Management. He is skilled in analysing trends, leading the investigation of events on isometrix, using 1SAP work management, and Root cause analysis, in a project he lead he saved the company nearly R 100 million.

Remuneration cost to company per year: not employed, would like at from R 250000 if in Gauteng or R300000 if he has to relocate

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Ref nr: 1204519800

The candidate has a BSc in Chemical Engineering as well as a National Diploma in Paper and Pulp and has 3 plus years’ experience in process operations (petrochemical, crude processing, utilities/water and wastewater/effluent treatment, paper manufacturing), troubleshooting and chemical/technical sales.

She has exceptional verbal and written proficiency in English. Her skills and strengths lie in process optimization, troubleshooting, building and maintaining client relationships, lab analysis, formal and technical writing and analytical thinking.

Remuneration cost to company per year: R 324 000

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Ref nr: 4137872985

The candidate has a Master’s in Business Administration, a Diploma in Production Management and a Diploma in Electronic Engineering.

He has excellent knowledge and skills with regards to all aspects of manufacturing activities and vast experience within the automotive industry.

The candidate can lead and co-ordinate all activities of a project team daily, including communications, scheduling, resolving issues, negotiating with contractors, managing project deliverables and progress reporting. He works closely with users to ensure that the project meets business needs.

He can adapt to change quickly and is not afraid to make decisions or take leadership when required. He enjoys making changes to improve conditions to impact where necessary. The candidate is a very confident, well spoken, very determined and motivated individual with high aspirations.

Remuneration cost to company per year: R 500 000

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Ref nr: 872068818

The candidate has 15 years’ experience in the African private medical laboratory sector, with 5 of those specifically in pharmaceutical manufacture. He has worked in the medical/ health, import/ export, manufacturing, and science areas of those industries.

His areas of expertise include medical laboratory setup, implementation of quality management systems, setup of instruments and associated troubleshooting, execution of effective laboratory practices, and application of strong manufacturing practices.

He has acquired significant industry production experience; his knowledge and experience of organisational effectiveness and operations management ensures projects achieve success ahead of time and within budget. He is solidly acquainted with business and management, financial and accounting, human resources, and project management principles and practices.

He has accomplished complex multi-disciplinary projects and tasks in multi-cultural environments. He applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills to issue resolution. He communicates clearly and professionally across the work spectrum. He leads teams with authority, persuading and influencing to achieve common goals.

Core strengths include building and managing effective teams. His current legal studies have assisted in efficient process analysis and implementation for business, control, and governance.

Countries of work experience include South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo (Lubumbashi and Kinshasa) and Zambia.

Remuneration cost to company per year: R 456 000

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Ref nr: 1785206684

The candidate completed a B Tech in Chemical Engineering in 2012 and has been working in the water treatment industry since 2010. He is currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management; to be completed 2020. The candidate also obtained a Diploma in Fast Tracking Business Success and a Diploma in English for Business. Started his career as a plant operator in filtration, sedimentation and reverse osmosis. As a Process Optimisation specialist, he gained experience with Technical Sales, Customer Management, Process Support, Jar Testing, Report Writing and Problem Solving. Currently Head of Production of Waste Water Treatment Plant responsible for entire operations (production, maintenance laboratory), Implementation and control of quality, production, maintenance and safety management systems as well as environmental compliance. He is managing 13 staff members. Overseeing preparation of plant audits concerning: ISO 9001, 14001 OHSAS 18001, and Legal compliance. He is also responsible for Chemical and Equipment Selling and has successfully maintained a career long record of consistently meeting and surpassing sales quotas while earning continual recognition
Remuneration: R 528 000 p.a

Ref nr: 1773968640

Having successfully achieved a B.Eng. Chemical degree in 2016, the candidate is seeking to obtain a challenging position in chemical engineering where talents and educational experience can be utilised to the fullest. He is currently an Engineer in training. Training included common plant operating, boiler and turbine operating, engineering, pipes, flanges and vessel, hazardous identification and risk assessment. The candidate is ready to pursue a career as a process engineer.
Remuneration: R 804 205.30 p.a.

Ref nr: 1172681826

The candidate has obtained a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering. He is currently working as a demand planner and Project Manager (since Oct 2017). He is in Cape Town but also willing to relocate to Gauteng to secure a position as process engineer.
Remuneration: R276 000 CTC p.a.

Ref nr: 2675748780

The candidate obtained a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering and will be completing his BTech in Chemical Engineering in 2018. He also completed various technical courses, a Certificate in Project Management, a Certificate in Water Treatment, problem solving and sales and management courses. His experience in the petrochemical industry includes process control, production and projects and nearly 2 years in industrial water treatment sales.
Remuneration: R70,000 p/m CTC

Ref nr: 3078134459

The candidate has 8 years of experience in Process Engineering, with the last 4 years in a Senior role. She has a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and a Masters’ in Engineering Management. She has been employed for the last 4.5 years as a Senior Process Engineer in the Biosciences R&D and Manufacturing industry. Her previous position was as Plant Support Engineer in the petrochemical industry.
Remuneration: R72,700 p/m CTC

Ref nr: 2031074989

The candidate has obtained a Master’s degree (with distinction) in Chemical Engineering and is due to complete his Ph.D. in 2018. He has accepted a contract position to assist with process and project management in the mining industry. He is looking for a permanent position as Process Engineer in the Chemical Industry.
Remuneration: R336 000 CTC per annum

Ref nr: 1533922593

The candidate has obtained a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. He is currently employed as an application specialist with an engineering firm where he has been working since 2015. He is interested in pursuing a career as a Process Engineer and has gained experience in process plant modelling. He is proficient in ASPEN Process Modelling and ASPEN HYSYS.
Remuneration: R336 000 CTC per annum